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Artwork has appeared in:

* Hybrid by the ARTS COUNCIL of ENGLAND
*Creativity in Business
*Marri Magazine
*Royal Society of Chemistry AMC technical brief
*Damsel Magazine
*Oral Bioscience and Medicine




Artist at work

About me:

I grew up in rural Central Queensland, Australia. My path into the world of art was not a straightforward journey: I found art through science. My journey started when I was asked to take to anatomical photos through microscope, as part of a research project at KCL (UK). Later, I sponsored by CIDA to study fine art techniques at Artworks (UK). From there I landed a job with Derbyshire County Council's Adult Community Education programme, teaching 'Drawing and Painting Techniques'. I currently teach art in Hertfordshire. Further information regarding my workshops can be found here: Koala Courses.

I love to work in a mixture of mediums from ink, acrylic, charcoal, watercolour, oil, graphite, textiles and photography. Perhaps because of my scientific background, I enjoy constantly experimenting with new creative techniques and skills. Indeed, a large amount of my earlier works have ben strongly influenced by my scientific career.




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