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Publications include:

* Hybrid by the ARTS COUNCIL of ENGLAND
*Creativity in Business
*Marri Magazine
*Damsel Magazine
*Oral Bioscience and Medicine




Artist at work

About Gimara

What I do: I am an artist, photographer and art educator. I have taught art programmes such as 'Drawing and Painting Techniques' as part of the Derbyshire County Council's Adult Community Education. In addition, I am a scientist and have worked in radio. I wrote, presented and hosted a scientific radio programme, the Curiosity Show for over two years.

Photography, ink, acrylic, charcoal and graphite.

A large amount of my art has been influenced by my work as a scientist. These unique works include imagery of contemporary biological research and the very  human character of the sciences. My diverse ancestry, tropical connections and life are also important in my work. I am also inspired by: nature, hands, men, sunshine, textiles, the bush, family, stories, dogs, skulls, colour, industry, muscles, architecture, tropical rain, design, water & human behaviour.

Fuelled by:
Hot chocolate.

Honorable mention in my education as an artist:
I was mentored in fine art by Stan' Peter Stayner (a graduate from the Royal College of Art UK and international author) and CIDA for sponsoring me.



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